Faculty Advisor

Liang Feng

Liang Feng

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering
State University of New York at Buffalo


Ph.D. Students

Han Zhao

Han Zhao

  • E-mail: hanzhao@buffalo.edu

  • Pei Miao

    Pei Miao

  • E-mail: peimiao@buffalo.edu

  • Zhifeng Zhang

    Zhifeng Zhang

  • E-mail: zhifengz@buffalo.edu

  • Qingchuan Lai

    Qingchuan Lai

  • E-mail: qingchua@buffalo.edu

  • Qingchuan Lai

    Mingsen Pan

  • E-mail: mingsenp@buffalo.edu

  • M.S. Students

    Undergraduate Students

    Dwight-Reagen Mariano

    Dwight-Reagen Mariano

  • E-mail: dwightre@buffalo.edu

  • Joshua Sugg

    Joshua Sugg

  • E-mail: wildcat1577@aol.com

  • Alumni